Are you looking for a daybed for your child’s room, a finished basement, a family room, or a studio apartment? Daybeds are a great option when you want to have a way to lounge while also having a real bed to sleep on.

It is a much better choice than a futon, and with the beautiful but stately wood grains and designs make daybeds more suitable for everyone regardless of style or gender.

While you do have a lot of options for your new daybed, the first consideration is size. Unlike other types of beds, there are really only two common sizes for daybeds – twin and full.

If you are getting the daybed for a single teenager or young adult, it might be tempting to save money by getting a twin daybed. But the fact of the matter than a daybed for such an individual needs to be of full size to get the most benefit from the design.

Here are just a few of the reasons you should choose a full daybed over a twin.

Make it really look and feel like a couch with cushions

Add some pillows or cushions to the back and sides of a full-size daybed to give the appearance, feel, and support of a couch. With the right pillows and cushions, you really can feel as though you are sitting on a couch in any living room across the nation. Then, at the end of the day, the pillows only need to be moved or rearranged for sleep.

You won’t be able to do this with a twin daybed. There just isn’t enough room for many cushions or pillows, especially if full-size people will be using the daybed for seating.

More sleepers in a smaller space with a trundle

If you know that you are going to be sharing sleeping quarters on occasion, a full-size daybed with an under-the-bed trundle turns a one-person bed into a three-person bed. This is especially helpful if your teen likes to have a lot of sleepovers, or if you have a small apartment and often have overnight guests. If you are setting up a guest room, a daybed with a trundle allows you to sleep more people comfortably.

The full daybed bunk bed set – the best of both worlds

If you have a room that is shared between two siblings of varying ages, a full-sized daybed with an upper twin bunk might be the answer you are looking for. Bunk beds can be had that offer a full-size daybed style with an upper twin-sized bunk. You can find these setups with futons as well, but daybeds can work better and give your child a real mattress to sleep on.