By Andrew Atkinson

NATIONAL Police have busted a drugs trafficking gang in Elche – with four kilos of cocaine and €52,000 confiscated.

A raid was carried out at the abode of one of the traffickers that lead to the arrest of five people.

“The trafficker was one of the most active in Elche who has been discovered following an investigation in which four kilos of cocaine were found hidden in a false ceiling.

“Ecstasy pills, a taser pistol and more than 52,000 euros in cash, together with various tools related to the weighing, cutting and packaging of the drug,” said a police statement.  In the operation, the agents arrested three men and two women, all of Spanish nationality, aged between 24 and 51, who were placed at the disposal of the Investigating Court acting as a guard in Elche, and a decree for three of them their immediate entry into prison.

“The organised gang is dedicated to the distribution and retail sale of drugs in different parts of the city,” added the statement.

Caption: National Police bust drugs gang in Elche: 4 kilos of cocaine and €52,000 found.