Andrew Rea is an Anglican priest with a difference. He is a playwright and author whose work covers a wide range of subjects. He has had comedies produced in theatres in England and Spain, and wrote for television. Latterly he has become a published author. He says if you can’t say what you want to say by the time you reach 74, it’s still not too late!

Andrew writes with humour in his autobiography Holy Inadequate about his life in four countries, England, Norway, Argentina and Spain. Argentina just before the Falkland War, with many interesting encounters during that difficult time for Brits living in the country.

His fictional novella Death’s Final Wicket is a spy thriller set in London, Norway, Argentina and Jerusalem. Its hero Tony Anderson is a university theologian enticed to serve as an officer in the Security Service’s so-called Brain Brigade, where he works to prevent a nuclear war in North Korea as well as searching for the Holy Grail for a terrorist group.

His novella Black Dawn Falling explores how England might look in 2024. This is not for the faint-hearted as it covers the aftermath of the Pandemic, corrupt government and how the important issue of social care could be solved. At a terrible cost. The hero Latimer is a university professor of philosophy who works with a newspaper tycoon with his own agenda to stop the government’s final solution to the social care crisis. Exploring the inevitable question ‘Does history repeat itself?’

All three books are available on and Andrew’s autobiography is published under his own name Andrew H Rea. The two novellas are under his pen-name A.N. Drew.

Andrew has opened a retreat centre in beautiful olive groves in Calasparra, Murcia for those who need time for peace and quiet in their busy lives. He is chaplain of the Murcia and Orihuela Costa and District branches of The Royal British Legion.

Andrew can be contacted at: or on 634 386 179.