• Candytuft – Iberis sempervirens – evergreen perennial, with masses of beautiful striking flowers!

THE Candytuft plant – Iberis sempervirens – is an evergreen perennial, with masses of beautiful striking flowers, perfect for a sunny rock garden or used as border planting.

Candytuft flowers are usually white, but some cultivars have pink or lilac flowers, which look lovely spilling over a wall or draping from a hanging basket.

There are few must do’s for candytuft care and their continued performance, which  involves planting them in well draining, gravelly alkaline soil, in a sunny location, as they will not grow in shade or overly damp soil.

They are worth the effort, as their delicate flowers will appear in early spring through summer, often re-blooming in autumn.

Once candytuft flower are spent, cut the entire plant back to ground level, which will avoid woodiness of stems, undertaken at least every other year to prevent this flowering beauty from becoming too tall, with spindly growth.

A woody plant, it is at its most attractive when treated as an herbaceous perennial.

Growing candytuft from seeds is a money-saving way to have more plants. Simply sow the seeds directly into your flower beds.