By Andrew Atkinson

Almoradi saw the opening of a new Eco Museum located in the heart of the Vega Baja countryside, famed for the artichoke.

Following the re-construction of the orchard house, built during the 19th century, it has become the Eco Museum where visitors can learn about the daily lifestyle of the people who lived there, the trades of the land, and the gastronomy –  namely the artichoke – one of the main products of the Vega Baja region.

Almoradi 19th century orchard house new Eco Museum.

The museum is uniquely set in a picturesque farmland, originally a space created for work and life in the fields, transformed into a quiet and ideal environment to enjoy the landscape, and appreciate local history, tradition and culture.

Captions: Almoradi Eco Museum in heart of Vega Baja countryside.