• From Canada, Papa New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Bali, Oman, Myanmar, Dubai, Singapore, Israel, India, Switzerland, Australia – to Doña Pepa!

Andrew Atkinson talks to singer/musician Martin Fernández who’s been in the limelight for over four decades

IT’S great to have started gigging again after the coronavirus pandemic lockdown – on average doing 5-6 gigs a week since May, said Martin, on holiday at his parents Esteban and Norma’s home in Dona Pepa.

The audiences have been so up for it too – it’s been amazing.

I’ve missed my gorgeous parents sooo much – I haven’t seen them for 18 months, because of covid.

It’s so nice to be here relaxing and spending time with them, although I’m missing my beautiful little daughter Ava who’s in the UK, said Manchester born Martin, 47.

I’ve travelled a fair amount over the years, I must have done the Mediterranean 20 times by now!

I have enjoyed a 35 day cruise around Canada performing, and Iceland was a very interesting place too. Also sailing back from Australia was a fantastic memory.

Visiting places like Papa New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Bali, Oman, Myanmar, Dubai, Singapore, Israel and India, to name a few places.

I also enjoyed working for five years in Zermatt, Switzerland. Seeing the Matahorn mountain every day, and experiencing temperatures of -20 regularly!

Norma and Esteban: Visit by son Martin for first time in 18 months.

I’ve worked in so many venues over the years, having started playing when I was four in my dad’s band travelling around the Middle East.

Martin, following parents Madrid born Esteban, guitarist/piano and vocalist, and singer/dancer Norma’s footsteps, said: My biggest influences are my parents, and hearing my dad sing every night and listening to the band’s music.

I’m absolutely loving my time here in Spain and re-charging the batteries, having been snowed under with gigs back in the UK.

It’s lovely to relax and spend time with my parents, and my best friend Ray who’s come with me. I can’t wait to cuddle and kiss daughter Ava, upon returning home.

Captions: Martin Fernández: Great to be gigging again after coronavirus.