Which is better – replacing with vinyl or wood windows
Which is better – replacing with vinyl or wood windows

Windows replacement in Framingham MA is what each person has to do at least once in a life. No matter what material you choose for your windows: wood or vinyl, they are unique and have advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a more detailed look at those.

The benefits of vinyl windows

  • Vinyl windows are maintenance-free.
  • Superior vinyl windows are reliable and durable.
  • Vinyl sash and frame corners are sealed after welding. It is difficult to make wood and metal corners airtight as they are mechanically connected. Even if they are smeared, the seal deteriorates over time.
  • Vinyl cannot rot like wood. Wooden windows are always at risk of developing moisture deterioration. If the trim breaks and moisture seeps into the window, it can develop warping, discoloration, poor adhesion, and finally rot.
  • Vinyl windows are easy to install.
  • Vinyl windows have more colors. Thanks to the innovative coating technologies, vinyl windows can be painted any color.

The disadvantages of vinyl windows are:

  • Vinyl may discolor in extreme weather conditions. This is especially true with strong heat. They cannot be repainted, so when this happens the window must be replaced.
  • Adaptation costs. Vinyl windows are difficult to shape, which is why manufacturers use a process called extrusion to get the job done. The cost is minimal for standard windows, but custom windows can cost more depending on the scale of the project.
  • Low resale value. Vinyl windows do not add as much value to a home like other types of windows.

Advantages of wooden windows

Modern wood windows have nothing in common with their old-fashioned counterparts. Advantages of wooden windows are the following:

  • The perfect high-quality construction of wooden windows perfectly protects the room from bad weather and noise. It is highly durable and allows the windows to serve for many decades.
  • Wood is a highly environmentally friendly natural building material. This means that wooden windows will compare favorably with their plastic counterparts in environmental friendliness and safety.
  • Natural materials guarantee excellent thermal insulation and frost protection at low temperatures.
  • An important advantage of wooden windows is their resistance to condensation.
  • The variety of wood species used in the manufacture of profiles determines a rich color range of finished products. Clients have the opportunity to choose the right shade and the right texture for any interior.
  • Wooden windows are a sign of good taste. They are incredibly aesthetic and look more cozy and elegant than plastic substitutes.

Cons of wooden windows

Understandably, wooden windows also have some disadvantages. There are not many of them, but they still need to be mentioned:

  • Windows, like other wood products, are not cheap. High cost of wood, high labor costs for its processing – these are the components of the prices. But the game is worth the candle, be sure.
  • Wooden windows can become water-permeable over time and undergo slight deformation. Fortunately, modern processing techniques keep this chance to a minimum.
  • Wooden profiles need careful maintenance.

Once you have finally decided on the material of structures you’d like to be installed in your house, it’s high time to choose a manufacturer.

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