• Quote: ‘Alicante Department of Security deploy 200 officers to guarantee maximum security and face the pandemic, in order to avoid new infections’ – Coun. for Security, José Ramón González

By Andrew Atkinson

Alicante bars face serious sanctions for selling alcohol and allowing entry to minors under 16 years – at a time local Police have imposed a plethora of fines for ‘bottle parties’.

Following tip-offs 16 parties were amongst those halted in homes.

Police sanctions were imposed in the Old Town area of Plaza de Quijano and other premises.

Sanctions were made at premises for playing live music, without authorisation on Calles José Gutiérrez Petén and Ingeniero Canales.

Also for selling alcohol after 8pm in the city centre during the anti-covid surveillance operation.

“The Department of Security of the Alicante City Council announce the Local Police have deployed 200 officers to guarantee maximum security and face the pandemic, in order to avoid new infections,” said Councillor for Security, José Ramón González.

“We will continue to carry surveillance every weekend in order to prevent crowds.

“Especially young people – consuming alcohol – who were evicted from the beaches of Urbanova, San Juan, Cabo de las Huertas, the Old Town, Ceres street and La Ereta, for consuming alcohol on public roads.

Alicante Mayor Luis Barcala: We cannot lower our guard.

“The Local Police is making a positive balance in August in which the city doubles its population in the middle of the high season in Alicante.

“It will continue to operate with reinforcement agents to guarantee the protection of the health and safety of all citizens, adopting measures to monitor the areas and places with the greatest influx of people, along with the five beaches,” added José Ramón González.

“We have the fifth wave on top. The virus continues to stalk us – and we cannot lower our guard or trust ourselves.

“We must avoid crowds, maintain distances and hygiene, which is essential to avoid new infections,” said Mayor Luis Barcala.