The employment and training program ‘Castillo de Orihuela Accesos’, will allow the employment of thirty students, three supervisors, a director and an administrator, who will be engaged to carry out  rehabilitation work on the Roman road, as well as the repair to the entrances of the Castle.

The 12 month scheme has a LABORA grant of 724,000 euros, plus 40,000 euro municipal contribution, and is equivalent to 1,920 hours of training alternating with both theory and on site instruction.

The Castle Master Plan, approved by the Plenary of the City Council and by the Ministry of Culture, will carry out the improvement of access with the restitution of the medieval or Arab road.

All of the work will also carry an archaeological follow-up to safeguard the remains at all times. This will greatly improve access to the Castle from the seminary, so that everyone can go along a single path and thus not disturb the flora and fauna of Mount San Miguel. In addition, the access includes a viewpoint over Orihuela and the orchard”, explained Matías Ruiz, coordinator of the Department of Historical Heritage.