By Andrew Atkinson

Alicante are planning to cut lighting costs within the city – anticipating a €1 million reduction – with 65% of lighting renewed by LED technology in a €5 million-plus plan.

“The City Council has made a large investment of over €5 million,” said Mayor José Ramón González.

Under the Sustainable Energy Action Plan, promoted by the Department of Infrastructures, it will reduce CO2 emissions, light pollution, promote public lighting in residential areas, and reduce electricity consumption by up to 50%.

Alicante Mayor José Ramón González: Alicante at forefront of renewable energies.

La Florida Alta and Baja, Plá del Bon Repós, Gran Vía Sur, Carolinas Altas and Ciudad de Asís have all now had LED technology installation.

Sports areas, sports centres, Virgen del Remedio, Virgen del Carmen, Colonia Requena and 400 homes, the central Market, commercial areas, Ensanche-Diputación and rural areas have also been fitted with new LED lights.

“The government schedule aims for 65% renewal of 4000K LED lighting by the end of 2021, with the various models of luminaires renewed depending on the types of roads or pavements. “The plan is also making it possible to meet the UN’s sustainable development goals,” said the Mayor.

The Old Town, San Juan Beach, Cabo de las Huertas, Tabarca Island and the industrial estates are next scheduled to have LED technology.

“The main objectives of the Sustainable Plan are to achieve savings in consumption, which in turn reduces light pollution with a white colour temperature and LED technology, providing a higher quality in lighting technology.

“It will also improve road safety for the residents”, said mayor González.

Alicante City Council also highlighted the commitment of €906,607 investment in the installation of photovoltaic fields on the roofs of 33 public schools.

“It puts Alicante at the forefront of renewable energies, for being a one of the first cities in Spain that has firmly and decidedly committed to advancing energy efficiency and sustainability, providing our educational centres with photovoltaic panels,” added Mayor González.

Caption: Alicante Mayor José Ramón González: Alicante at forefront of renewable energies.