Representatives of the Platforma Orihuela Costa (POC), will be holding surgeries across the coast, in 5 locations, on all 5 days of the week, starting on Monday 2 August, from 10 to 11.30 am in Paddy’s Point.  Peter Houghton will be in the chair, answering questions on a variety of subjects, as they affect residents on the coast.

Tuesday’s meetings will be at the Stray Sod La Fuente 10-11.30. On Wednesdays they will be held in Macklins, Via Park 3, 12.30-2.00 and Thursday’s at Spud Murphy’s in the Playa Flamenca Centre 4.30-6 (although the first at this venue will be during the week commencing the 6th September).

Friday meetings will be held at The Tavern in Villamartin Plaza 11 – 12.30

POC are there to help, if they possibly can with any issues, (except utilities) roads, rubbish, parks etc,

Just turn up and why not grab breakfast while you are there.

A very big thank you to the proprietors, Hazel from Paddy’s point, Eion from Stray Sod, Stewart from Macklins, Lisa from Spud Murphys and Chaz and Katherine from the Tavern in the Villamartin Plaza for allowing the use of their facilities.


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