Virtual art exhibitions are here to stay. There are many people who do not have time to travel or do not have the opportunity to do so, but Cultura Orihuela now gives you the opportunity to make a virtual visit to the Blas de Otero exhibition located in the Miguel Hernández Exhibition Hall, an exhibition that will be open to the public until September 12.

The virtual visit, enabled by Aitor Larrabide, director of the Miguel Hernández Cultural Foundation, introduces us to the work of Blas de Otero, a contemporary poet with great influence of Miguel Hernández, can be visited through the Facebook channel of the Department of Culture ( or through the YouTube channel.

Mar Ezcurra, Councillor for Culture, said that “the visitor can get to know the life of Otero thanks to the photographs of Sabina de la Cruz, and the biographical and literary notes of José Fernández de la Sota.

The 12 panels come from the Blas de Otero Foundation in Bilbao and have been designed for Orihuela with first editions and monographs on the Basque poet provided by the Miguel Hernández Cultural Foundation and its director”.

It should be remembered that Blas de Otero Muñoz was one of the main ambassadors of social and intimate poetry of the fifties in Spain and his relationship with the Oriolano poet Miguel Hernández saw him dedicate a poem to him.

The Blas de Otero exhibition is organised by the Department of Culture, the Miguel Hernández Cultural Foundation and the Miguel Hernández House Museum.



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