Quote: ‘Embraces with a Soul sculpture tribute to COVID-19 victims’ – Mayor Jose Manuel Butron

By Andrew Atkinson

Los Montesinos are commemorating 31 years Independence with a wide cultural programme during July.

“Sponsorship by the Alicante Provincial Council will allow children, young people, and adults to enjoy safe theatre, musical, childrens and recreational performances,” said Councillor for Culture, Rosa Belén Morán.

Most of the events scheduled by the Montesinero municipality will take place in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, with the respective access controls and coronovirus safety distances.

Festivities organiser Alejandro Espí, said: “For health reasons regular events have been dispensed with on these dates, such as the water festival or themed markets.

“A diverse programme has been developed with safe and diverse cultural and leisure events.

“The importance of the July Cultural event, which is part of the anniversary of segregation, a date which is very important for the town of Los Montesinos.”

On July 30, the Anniversary of segregation, the council will inaugurate a sculpture “Embraces with a soul”, in tribute to the victims of the coronovirus pandemic and to all the people who have fought against the virus.

Mayor José Manuel Butrón said: “The sculpture constitutes a tribute to the people who have not had a dignified farewell, as well as a gratitude to all the health personnel who have dealt with and continue to fight to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19.

“We are commemorating July 30 in the municipality one more year, albeit in a different way, given the adverse health circumstances that we are going through.”

On July 30, 1990, the Valencian Council, by means of a Decree, declared Los Montesinos as an Independent municipality with respect to Almoradí, a town to which they belonged as a district.

Caption: Mayor Butron: ‘Embraces with a Soul’ sculpture tribute to victims of coronovirus.