Before the pandemic, there were summer days when the population of Tabarca multiplied by 100, often exceeding five thousand people. Now the floating population by comparison is very small, but still the visitors increase exponentially in the summer season.

Hence the concern of the neighborhood association at the lack of a doctor from Monday to Friday during the month of July, leaving only one nurse to attend to any possible health contingencies.

The fact is that the Ministry of Health confirms that a locum doctor is “authorised, budgeted and advertised”, but the problem is that “there is no one available for the post.

Is not a new problem. In the summer of 2019, Tabarca even offered a free house to any doctor who could work on the island at weekends.

The Ministry has said that “on the island there is currently a nurse every weekday and a doctor at weekends and although everything is in place to recruit a weekday doctor there are none available. As soon as one is available, the position will be filled, “they say.