The Department of Street Cleaning has now received the 68 recycling bins that have begun to be installed in the playgrounds around the municipality. The councilor of the area, Dámaso Aparicio, explained that the objective is “to make the children aware of the importance of recycling.”

A total of 68 bins have been obtained, at a cost of 14,000 euros. There will be 52 units Installed in Orihuela and its districts while 16 units have been allocated to the coast.

The new bins are made up of recycling islands with three distinctively coloured sections, for the selective deposit of waste: organic, plastic and cardboard, blue for paper-cardboard, yellow for packaging and brown for organic waste”.

“We have no alternative other than to reverse the effects of global warming, so we must create a change of mentality to face this situation. It is vital that we modify our consumption habits, prioritizing the reduction of waste and recycling”, said Aparicio.