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Julie’s Blog

This week, we’re back to the live music scene and featuring the hottest duo on the Costas ‘Lucid’. Lucid consists of Maisie May and Jac Bentley. Together they play acoustic guitar, ukulele and cajón. You’ll hear them playing a variety of music from artists such as The Beatles to modern day music like The Weekend.

I popped a few questions their way to find out a little bit more about Maisie May and Jac.

Where are you both from originally and how did you become to love music?

Maisie – I’m 21 years of age and from Wolverhampton. I moved to Spain at the age of 6 and have grown up listening to whatever my Dad and Sister had playing in the house (Kate Bush, The Smiths, Fleetwood Mac).

Jac – I’m 25 years of age and from Stoke-On-Trent. I moved to Spain when I was 11. I grew up listening to more Rock Music as my Dad is into the likes of Iron Maiden and Metallica. So together it gives myself and Maisie a wide range of music.

What made you both decide to work together?

Maisie – I was a solo singer and Jac approached me and asked me if I’d be interested in starting up a new project which ended up being Lucid. So we straight away picked a bunch of songs and practiced in my parent’s garage. We knew it would work as we clicked instantly.

Did you know each other beforehand?

Maisie – Jac went to school with my sister, so we didn’t know each other but knew of each other.

What do you miss about home?

We both agree that we have both lived here in Spain longer than we have lived in England so we consider this home. We obviously miss family and friends but we love our life in Spain.

What is your favourite thing about Spain?

It would have to be the ability to work as musicians and have so many appreciative people come to support us at the venues we play. We also love the fact that it feels like a constant holiday for us.

What has been your favourite gig to date?

We were fortunate enough to travel to France to do a week of shows. It was a small venue but it was rammed with people who loved music and ended up dancing on the tables.

What are Lucid’s plans for the future?

We would love to keep building up on our set list and hopefully have some original music to share later this year. Also we are currently recording a C.D of our favourite covers so keep an eye out for that. It will available to purchase at our gigs in the near future. Mainly, we just want to keep having fun.

Where can people find you performing?

You can catch us at

The Royal Oak, Villamartin every Monday from 6pm

The Stray Sod, La Fuente every Wednesday from 8pm

Marco Polo, Punta Prima every Thursday from 8pm

Jenny’s Bar, Campoverde every Saturday from 4pm

Paddy’s Point, La Zenia every Sunday from 8.30pm

Any other gigs will be posted to our Facebook Page, just search for ‘LucidAcoustic’. We are also on Instagram at ‘lucid.acoustic’.