During the Covid pandemic (or more precisely, because of its economic consequences), online gambling has changed a lot: different states have begun to amend their legislation to regulate the industry. As a result, now operators need to adapt to new market conditions, and jurisdictions need to introduce unique licensing rules or set a daily limit on deposits.

Let’s consider the peculiarities of legislative changes in gambling that take place outside the UK jurisdiction. For the latest UK gambling news, you can check out Casino-wise.com and stay tuned for the most recent updates in the niche.

1)     Austria

Casinos Austria is one of the largest casino operators in the world. This is the only corporation that has a license to provide online gambling services nationwide, while private individuals are allowed to organize online betting only at the regional level. According to the decision of the European Union court, such activities are contrary to EU legislation, therefore, the process of creation of an independent gambling regulator has continued since March 2020.

2)     Spain

During the pandemic, the government revised the gambling marketing rules and established that casino advertisements can be only broadcasted at night. Besides, operators can no longer attract new users via email newsletters. Bonus promotions that keep the interest of active players were also banned. Whether the new rules will be cancelled in 2021 is unknown.

3)     Belgium

During the quarantine, the Belgian Gambling Commission (BSG) set a limit on weekly deposits: now on all licensed sites, each player can deposit no more than $500 per week. Moreover, casino operators have a right to reduce the limit.

4)     Sweden

Gambling has already been regulated for three years here. To legalize their activities in Sweden, casino operators must obtain a betting or commercial online gaming license. As for the changes, during the pandemic, a weekly $459 deposit limit has been introduced, as well as a limit on playing time.

5)     Germany

The highest growth in the gambling industry among European countries was shown by Germany. The rapid development of the market is taken into account by the government of the country, therefore, gambling is regulated in the same way as it is done in other countries. So, on July 1, 2021, the Interstate Agreement will enter into force, which will allow casinos to be legalized meaning that private operators will be able to obtain a license to operate online.

6)     Curacao

The island’s jurisdiction is considered the most loyal and reliable for gambling. However, due to the pandemic, Curacao and the Netherlands signed Financial Support Agreements, after which the countries began economic disputes.

As a result, the government of Curacao decided to take online gambling under control: in 2021, a regulatory body will be created that will issue licenses and control the activities of casino operators. By September 1, 2021, gambling licensees will act following the laws and regulations of the countries to which they are directe

There is no doubt that pandemics influenced many spheres of business. However, restrictions didn’t prevent gamblers to continue the game.