While gaming was already booming before the lockdown, its popularity soared in 2020 as people remained confined in their homes. Most parents and grandparents started with virtual pub quizzes. The quizzes came as a good option for adults to connect with family and friends, but after playing a dozen of these virtual pub quizzes, the entertainment value started wearing off.

On the other hand, Video games we’re offering parents and grandparents exactly what they need to connect with their kids and stay entertained while confined in their homes. With the Vegas promo codes also giving punters more chances for having fun listing top gambling sites. An Ofcom research shows that 62% of the adults in the UK played video games in 2020. A GlobalWebIndex research also found that the 55-64 years age group was among the fastest-growing markets, going up by 32% since 2018.

Today, gaming is increasingly becoming part of pass time, uncovering the rise of gaming parents/ grandparents. According to a gaming culture academic professor James Newman, video games have offered great entertainment and help during the challenging period of restricted movement. Part of the pleasure is escaping from the real world and immersing yourself in the gaming world.

Besides offering the much-needed fun, stimulation, and escape to these older generations of gamers during the monotony of the last year, video games helped to connect with family, friends, and the public. According to Newman, many parents and grandparents are learning gaming rules and tactics from their children to connect with them and have a good time. Focusing on the same interest creates an opportunity for quality intergenerational interactions and connections, even from a distance.

Video games have proven to have manifold benefits to older people, including boosting cognitive and problem-solving skills. The lockdown opened new audiences to different types of games, even changing the mentality of many skeptics by showing them the kind of games they can connect with. Video games also seem to be presenting many with a new lease on life.

While the lockdown was quite tough for many, most parents and grandparents could push through smoothly by playing games like Minecraft. The lockdown helped unveil the thirst for different gaming experiences, especially if you consider the level of customization in titles like Minecraft and Animal crossing. As such, you can be sure that parents and grandparents will continue to play video games and incorporate them into their lives in the coming years.