The Criminal Court number 1 of Gandia (Valencia) has sentenced a young woman to serve three years and nine months in prison for running over a group of cyclists when she was driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs in Oliva in 2017.

As a consequence, three of them died and three others suffered serious injuries.

The defendant, MVSV, pleaded guilty to the events that took place at 8.30 am on May 7, 2017 at kilometre point 205.5 of the N-332, between Dénia (Alicante) and Oliva (Valencia).

The driver was travelling in the direction of Alicante whilst under the influence of alcohol and other toxic substances, that she had been taking since she left work at about 1 am, until at least 5 in the morning.

Upon reaching the kilometre point between Dénia and Oliva, she lost control of her vehicle, crossed the lane in the opposite direction of traffic and hit a group of cyclists. Three of them died and three others were injured.

The judgment establishes that MVSV committed a crime against road safety and three crimes of homicide for serious recklessness. In addition to accepting the custodial sentence, the ruling also imposes a six year driving ban.