By Andrew Atkinson

A woman who had been robbed in San Luis was almost ran over as the thieves made their get away.

Speaking after the shocking incident, the victim’s son Jamie Bonner said: “My mother was mugged in San Luis on Calle Jaca. She knew what was happening – and tried to get away – the scumbags tried to run her over.

“Two people were involved, a female with dark shoulder length hair in her twenties and a male in the car.

“Unfortunately there is no description of the male. The car was a very dark blue or black saloon. Unfortunately the make of the car is unknown.”

A similar incident has occurred in La Fuente. Following the latest incident a person has come forward, stating the description of the woman is alleged to be the same one who mugged her husband in January, which was reported to the police.


  1. There are some really despicable types about these days – as if the pandemic isn’t enough to worry about. Seems you are not safe in the supermarket, in the street, or at home!