The children’s activities, held in both Spanish and English, continue to take place every Saturday morning in Orihuela, at the La Lonja de Orihuela Cultural Centre, and on the Orihuela Costa in the Alameda Civic Centre del Mar.

All activities are free and strictly comply with current sanitary conditions. The program has been running successfully for some weeks and will continue throughout the remainder of May, June and July.

The activities include children’s theatre, puppets and storytelling as well as painting and modelling workshops.

“It is about offering theatres, puppets, storytelling, concerts … to the boys and girls of the municipality so that on Saturday mornings they can have a recreational and cultural activity,” explained the councillor, Mar Ezcurra.

The program to the end of June is shown below, however, more information is available on the website and on the facebook page of the Department of Culture and Youth.