Millennials grew up with computers and were the first to fully enjoy the perks of mobile devices. They were quick to adopt these advancements of technology and put them to good use before they were embraced by larger swaths of the population. Today, they represent an important portion of online gamblers and are main targets for Internet casinos.

Active and demanding, they provide bookmakers with strong incentives to innovate and use the latest technologies. Not surprisingly, they are the ones that enjoy sports betting apps the most and conduct most of their gambling routine on handheld devices.

Millennials cherish convenience above everything else

Millennials seek immediate gratification and are unwilling to make compromises when it comes to having fun. Online casinos and bookmakers are compelled to meet them halfway otherwise they risk alienating this important group of gamblers.

Mobile operators have gained a lot of traction in recent years and millennials are the driving force behind the mobile revolution. They cherish convenience and like the idea of having everything readily available on smartphones and tablets.

In-browser betting is regarded as the pinnacle of convenience and it is widespread at online bookmakers. Downloading and installing an app might seem like an extra step that some players don’t like doing. Millennials on the other hand, are well versed in the art of using software to improve their lives and don’t mind downloading apps.

They know that once the application is installed on their device of choice, it will provide them with a more direct and convenient way of betting on sports.

Opening the way to more gaming avenues

Bookmakers use apps to build loyalty to and improve customer retention. The positive side effect of these applications is that they encourage users to try different gaming alternatives. Millennials are among the ones that respond positively to such incentives and for good reasons.

They like the idea of having everything available in one place and are not afraid of trying new things. Some gambling apps are targeted, so you can only use them for one gaming product, but others grant more flexibility.

Millennials are well-versed in the art of using several devices simultaneously for seemingly the same purpose. Integration is something they do well, and this shines the brightest when we look at gadgets used for online gambling. The same apps can be downloaded on computers, smartphones and tablets to bet on sports, but also to play casino games or poker.

The beauty of this type of software is that it looks and works pretty much the same across all platforms.

The most popular online sports betting apps work the best when they are kept up to date and millennials are great at keeping their software in order. They enjoy the functionality of downloadable applications and strive to keep them in good order.

If there are also bonuses up for grabs in exchange of downloading an app and using it for sports betting, they are delighted to jump on the bandwagon.