The children in Spain have nearly 12 weeks school holidays during the summer.   Any parent who has at least one or more child at school knows how difficult, and expensive, it can be to keep them entertained during that time – imagine if you had 24 hungry teenagers!!!

That’s the task for the carers at the Elche Children’s Care Home and the ECCH charity helps by providing the funds to take them on excursions at least once a week if possible to either the beach, fun park, cinema or even just out for a burger and ice-cream.   Otherwise they are confined to the home for most of the holidays which can be quite stressful, especially in the hottest months of the year.

At this time of year, ECCH volunteers and supporters are usually busy organising and attending fund raising events to provide the money for the summer outings.

At the moment we have Garry Minton’s sponsored 100 miles cycle ride on the agenda, which we hope you will support, but we also need to look for other ways of finding the money to ensure that we can give the children the summer fun they can usually expect from the ECCH supporters.

You can help by sponsoring a child for a day out for as little as 10 euros – see poster below for details.

Or if you are a group of friends or club you could join together and sponsor a group of children.

Thank you, as always, from the children xxx