A camel ride through the Turia natural park ended in tragedy after a 20-year-old boy, Christian BD, died and his sister was seriously injured when the animal ran wild.

The pair were caught in the double saddle and dragged for more than 50 metres. Christian was admitted to La Fe Hospital in a critical condition, where he died despite the medical efforts.

It would appear that the camel was scared when it came across a girl on horseback, unseating and then dragging the victim and his 22-year-old sister along the road and causing them serious injuries.

They were both were caught in the double saddle as the animal ran uncontrollably until it was intercepted by a car traveling. The parents of the deceased man, who were riding another of the animals, witnessed the event, along with the tour guide and a number of others who were also taking part in the trek.

When the camel stopped after being blocked by the vehicle, the young woman still hanging from the saddle. Her brother had been thrown from the animal but had suffered serious brain injuries when he hit his head on the ground, while his sister suffered trauma and two broken legs.

According to medical sources, the young man suffered irreversible brain injuries, but he remained connected to a respirator while doctors prepared the donation of his organs with the approval of the parents. The funeral took place last Saturday in Valencia.