• “The investigation is based on an absolute lie. I will continue working for the interest of Oriolanos until the end”.

In a statement made on Wednesday, the Orihuela mayor, Emilio Bascuñana, completely refuted the allegations of embezzlement made against him by the Department of Health, and in so doing put paid to any talk their may have been regarding his resignation.

He said that “they are nothing new,” and that he is “a good man, who has worked as a doctor for more than 30 years.”

“The investigation is based on fallacies and they are an absolute lie. I have no doubts that it will all end by clearing my name.”

There was no announcement or appearance before the media, with the statement surfacing solely on his private Facebook ad Twitter profiles.


The mayor has now been charged by the judicial authorities for drawing more than 200,000 euros from the Ministry of Health over a six-year period, without undertaking any work.

The investigation was opened by the Ministry of Health itself. It was finally handed over to the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office, which in turn drew up a complaint that it sent to the Orihuela courts, that have now charged the mayor with embezzlement, and begun to summon witnesses.

Bascuñana said in his sixty second statement on Facebook that “it is clear there are people who want to make things difficult for those of us who decide to go into politics. This is a matter that is not new, and one that the Prosecutor’s Office has been investigating for a long time”.

He added that “the media are publishing the news that they consider, according to their interest” ” There is nothing new,” insisted the mayor shortly after learning that he has been summoned to testify in front of the authorities.

Bascuñana said that “he has been working as a doctor for more than 30 years. During the six-year period in question I did what I was asked to do by the Ministry of Health, and I went to the places that I was sent. All this will be perfectly explained, and I hope that these things do not discourage the good people who voted me into office, and who are still providing their support.

“The investigation is based on a fallacy. I will continue working in the interest of Oriolanos until the end. Whatever happens, and regardless of whoever it may be, I am here to defend the interests of Orihuela and the Oriolanos and I will continue defending them for as long as I am able to do so”.