Elche’s new arrival, the Argentine forward Pablo Piatti, says that he is confident of staying in La Liga with his new team saying that if the Elche team does things properly, it will not have to depend on third parties to retain it’s status.

In an interview with Efe, the attacker, who arrived at the Elche club from Toronto at the beginning of March, said that he has been able to adapt to Elche’s style of play very quickly, as he knew many players at the club and the Spanish League prior to his arrival.

“Having so many friends in the changing room makes everything more enjoyable, but I already knew most of the boys and the coaching staff prior to my arrival,” he said.

Piatti, also highlighted the great atmosphere that exists in the Elche changing room.

The forward acknowledged that he had intended to spend more time with the MSL “because the experience, both personally and on a family level was very good”, although he added that Elche’s offer appeared on the table he quickly changed his mind.

“It was the opportunity to return to elite football and to feel butterflies in the belly again when playing”.

The Argentine said that he jumped at Elche’s offer despite the critical situation of the team, 16 games without a win and deep in the relegation zone.

“But I knew that with a new coach everything was going to change. Our feelings are very positivethat we will achieve our goal”, he added.

Pablo Piatti said that the month of April is the key to his team’s aspirations “because we have several important fixtures against teams in a similar situation to us,” insisting that if Elche “does it’s job, we will not depend on anyone to save us”.

Tthe forward recalled how Elche achieved promotion last season. “That shows the heart of this team. And the people who have joined it since that promotion are of the same mind, humble, dedicated and hard-working”, he commented.

Piatti said that he has evolved a lot from the player he was in Almeria, Valencia and Espanyol, his former teams in Spain.

“At Almería I had speed, but I didn’t understand the game and I had to learn; In Valencia I grew a lot and I learned many things; and at Espanyol I was a player who was confident in what I could achieve,” said the forward.

“El Piatti del Elche has matured and has grown in experience. He may not have his previous speed anymore, but he has a far wiser head on his shoulders and he is certain to prove an asset in Elche’s survival war.