The Council say that they have everything ready for the vaccination of about 6,000 teachers and centre staff, starting tomorrow, in the Bernardo Ruiz Pavilion

The Pavilion will become a COVID-19 vaccination point for about 6,000 people, including teachers, staff of public educational centres and employees from cleaners to monitors or administration; pharmacy groups and other health personnel who have not been previously vaccinated and are employees of the Orihuela Health Department.

During recent weeks, municipal workers have been equipping the pavilion in readiness for campaign. The vaccination will begin on Friday afternoon and will continue on Saturday and then on Wednesday 31 and Thursday 1 April in the morning.

The mayor of Orihuela, Emilio Bascuñana visit,ed the site where he said that “we offered the pavilion to the Ministry of Health last January, as we did with the medical offices and other municipal facilities. We have put all the human and material resources available at the municipal level, in order to speed up and facilitate the vaccination process against COVID-19 ”.