The association of people with functional diversity ‘El árbol de los sueños’ (The Tree of Dreams) has been launched in the Redován Town Hall.

The organization, established in the municipality, aims to provide support and facilitate access to therapies for people with disabilities.

At the launch the members have taken advantage of the occasion to publicise their solidarity calendar and to inform the residents of all the initiatives it is planning to hold in the municipality.

The president of the association, María Isabel Cartagena, appeared with María del Pilar Heredia, secretary, and Javier Andreo, Javier Andreo, secretary of the association, secretary, and Javier Andreo, treasurer. “We wanted to publicise ‘El árbol de los sueños’ (The tree of dreams) so that people know what we do”, explained Cartagena.

The association has been active in the municipality for the past four months, and has an area in the Social Centre for the Elderly in Redován.

The solidarity calendar shows many of the people who work on behalf of the association, including some of our children, therapists and staff”.

The calendar will cost 5 euros, and those who wish to purchase it can find it at the association’s offices in the Town Hall, and in several shops in the municipality.

In addition to the calendar, ‘El árbol de los sueños’ has various fundraising initiatives such as charity raffles and the sale of sanitary masks “approved and available in various sizes, at a price of 5 euros.

There has also been a distribution of solidarity piggy banks in the shops of the municipality “so that anyone who can help can do so while carrying out their day to day shopping”, added Andreo.

The mayoress, Nely Ruiz, congratulated members of the association for the important work they carry out, “as they fight for these children so that they can have all the opportunities available to them”.

She said that she hopes that this new initiative will continue and grow over the years “because any help is not enough for people who, because of their functional diversity, need to make a greater effort than others in their learning and development processes, and with the work of associations such as ‘El árbol de los sueños’ they are able to better achieve this”.