Percy’s Ramblings

The Generation I belonged to in the nineteen sixties, was taking control of the country and imposing its way with modern thinking, the past was the past and the future lay ahead with positive thoughts.  Nothing odd about that, our parents and all the communities who had gone before had done the same as they approached adulthood, changing the old way of accepted wisdom for the new.

I would like to think that all the innovative laws and the transformation we made to life and the way we existed we did it fairly and with consideration for others. Democracy was respected and in a period when everything was changing very quickly from fashion to motor cars and computer technology, these were taken in our stride.

There were disagreements and also strong arguments were made against the direction the nation was taking. However, Parliament stayed strong and progress was made.

It is very different at this time as we now have chaos, confusion by the ‘woke brigade’ and a shamble of a generation some of whom are lost in their own thoughts determined to turn everything into their image. This is causing panic amongst the business community and discord between the people. Where  distrust develops leading to  possibly meltdown.

Prior to the current disorganised shambles of hate crimes and people forcing their will on others, over the last twenty years it would appear laws have been brought in with no thought of the consequence. Like the destruction of free speech.

When did a ‘personal insult’, which used to be called ‘slander’ and a civil offence, the action heard before a Civil Court, become a hate crime with the risk of a criminal stigma against one?

When did it become law that one person, that is right ‘one person,’ can say they are offended and change the course of things? For instance that happened when someone complained to a Council that they did not like a mass of colourful flower beds that had been tended on the verge outside someone’s home for tens of years, the authority decided, they had to be removed because of this one complaint.

Surely it should be a group of people complaining before action is taken. In another story Church Bells which had rung for a long period of time were stopped because one individual did not like the sound of them.

There is also this determination to attack events of the past as they are an offence against modern thought. Surely if something was acceptable in the sixties, seventies and eighties how can it be wrong now? Laugh at it and criticise it if one wishes and that should be the end of the matter.

I also think that taking action against someone for an event in the bygone times, no matter how terrible it was, and then for them to be taken to court and tried many years later when opinion has changed and is totally different from when the occasion happened, it is wrong as a fair trial for the person is not possible.

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