At a time when the virtual community has become essential, residents of Los Montesinos now have free access to the Internet after the town council has launched the WiFi4EU infrastructure that has allowed free WiFi in the town’s plazas.

Los Montesinos Mayor, José Manuel Butrón, stated that “we are very proud to be one of the very first European City Councils to be able to offer this service to the public.”

The service has come about thanks to an EU wide initiative that attracted 10,000 from which, in Spain, there were 510 selected municipalities.

Butron explained that the facility has been in operation for several months after the council defined the project and carried out all the procedures to provide the service, including hiring the company to install the wireless equipment and selecting the places from at which it can be accessed.

The Commission has already paid the installation company and now the City Council will be responsible for the financing of the Internet subscription and the maintenance of the equipment to offer free and high-quality WiFi connection to residents and visitors for at least three years following it’s installation.