La Liga is considered the most competitive league in Europe. With teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, and Sevilla going hard to showcase their dribbling and scoring skills, you can be sure that watching La Liga will provide a more entertaining experience to other leagues.

So, which of the teams has a chance of reigning supreme in the 2020/21 La Liga?

According to football critics, Atletico Madrid is the team to watch out for!

With 21 matches played, Atletico Madrid is in top place at the Spanish league table with 54 points, 5 points clear of the defending champions Real Madrid, who are in the second position. Atletico Madrid has two games in hand with Levante, who are currently in the 10th position.

In their last game, Levante suffered a loss to Osasuna. Previous subsequent games to Atletico Bilbao and Granada also ended in draws. Considering the trend, there is a high likelihood that Atletico Madrid will beat Levante, stretching their win margin further.

Betting on Atletico Madrid is almost a sure bet!

La Liga is competitive, making it one of the most unpredictable leagues. However, this season has seen Atletico Madrid shine their way to the top, beating previous La Liga giants like Barcelona.

So far, Atletico Madrid has had 19 wins, 5 draws, and 2 loss, making them a difficult team to beat. As much as understanding La Liga predictions may prove challenging, there is a likelihood of winning bets placed in favor of the team as the outright winners.

League titles won

Atletico Madrid is third behind Real Madrid and Barcelona in terms of league titles won. However, the team has won two SupaCopa de España, three UEFA leagues, ten Copa del Reys, and ten La Liga titles over the years.

Atletico Madrid’s Gameplay

Having managed to outshine Real Madrid and Barcelona, and risen to the top of the Spanish league table, Atletico Madrid has been the best team in the 2020/21 La Liga season, thanks to their gameplay.

Allow me to expound.

Defensive fortress 

Apart from impressive plays seen in the La Liga, the defense team and goalkeeper Jan Oblak play a fundamental role in the success of the team. It is a team that focuses on the core groups of players rather than individuals.

The Luiz Suarez factor

The former Barcelona and Liverpool star Luiz Suarez, and currently the top scorer in the La Liga football league, is ranked high due to his scoring exploits. Suarez was signed on a free transfer at the age of 34 and has helped steer his team to the top.

Luiz Suarez is making the most out of his successful career, leading in the Spanish league score chats. Additionally, the Uruguay International scored 16 games for Atletico Madrid in his first 17 matches, breaking the 15 goals record set by Christiano Ronaldo during his successful spell at Real Madrid.

Atletico Madrid is not only impressive at home games; they are unbeaten in their nine home league games at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium. They are the team with a high chance of taking the 2020/21 La Liga cup home.