The vaccination of schoolteachers against coronavirus in the Valencian Community, is scheduled to get underway on Saturday March 20.

This mass vaccination process, of one of the largest labour groups, will not be carried out in health centres, but in specially established sites, although these are still to be determined.

There are understood to be 27,694 teachers in the province, a number that is boosted to almost 100,000 when including language and employment centres, other school employees such as classroom assistants, dining room staff and cleaning personnel.

The vaccine initially planned for the teaching community will be the AstraZeneca vaccine although with the 20% who are over 55 years, this is still to be confirmed.

Following the return of students to school, at the end of their first week, 99.5% of educational centres were reported to be free of covid. This is the second best week since the very start of the pandemic