By Andrew Atkinson

Los Montesinos Mayor Jose Manuel Butron has been thanked – after finding lost parrot Curro in the Vega Baja town!

“We are very happy that Curro has returned to us,” said Yèssica Garlop, partner to CD Montesinos player Joni Lorente Hurtado, known to fans as Macan.

Yèssica Garlop and Joni Lorente Hurtado, heartfelt thanks, especially to Mayor Butron.

Curro disappeared from his casa in early March and an appeal went out to the public: “Many heartfelt thanks to everyone for your real help, thank you very much,” said Yèssica.

“Special thanks to Jose Manuel Butron for helping us recover him, he was the person who found Curro. Thanks a lot,” added Yèssica.

Mayor Butron told The Leader: “I spotted Curro when I was on the balcony of my house.”

Joni added: “Thank you very much for Curro’s return after he left home and flew through the apartments of the town.

“Finally, hungry and without strength, he stood at the window of Mayor Butron’s balcony – and he quickly told us to go and get him.”

Photo: Who’s a naughty boy? Curro found by Mayor Jose Butron.