• International Dance star Katie Street talks to Andrew Atkinson in Part 2 of a Leader Exclusive interview, talking about her opportunity alongside Vincent Simone in Spain, appearing at the world famous The Ritz, Ferrari World and The Emirates Palace; hobbies, favourite food and who she would like to meet.

TORREVIEJA based Katie Street is thrilled to have an opportunity in Spain to be alongside Italian born Strictly Come Dancing star Vincent Simone.

Katie and Vincent Simone dance partners in Spain: Appearances hit due to lockdown.

“At this moment I have an opportunity to have dance practice and teaching with world famous dancer, and the ‘King of Tango’, Vincent Simone,” said Katie.

“I first met Vincent in the European dance competition in Sweden,” said Katie, who appeared with Vincent last year in Quesada.

Katie, whose opportunities have been limited, due to the coronavirus lockdown, said: “Due to the coronavirus outbreak there are very limited opportunities and it is also very difficult for practice, performances and teaching.”

Having met a plethora of celebrities and stars Katie revealed who she would like to meet: “I have met most of the world’s top dancers and teachers, but the person I would most like to meet is Andriano Celentano,” said Katie.

Octogenarian Adriano Celentano, 83, is an Italian singer-songwriter, musician, actor and film director. Dubbed “il Molleggiato” because of his dancing, he has released many record albums with enormous commercial and critical success.

Having appeared in leading star studded venues, asked which was the best, Katie said: “It’s very difficult to choose my favourite place, having performed in many International venues, including The Ritz and Trafalgar Square.

“Also in UAE at Emirates Palace and Ferrari World.”

Away from dance, Katie revealed how she relaxes: “My hobbies include spending time with my two little dogs and watching Horror Movies – with my favourite food being Georgian barbecue shashlik,” said Katie.

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