Pets are man’s best friend. They are full family members. And we want the best care for them.

The books, written by Marianne Danhieux teach you how to communicate with your animals. Non-verbal and telepathic.

Telepathy is the soul of your pet. You can help them in a natural way, as Mother Nature intended, with homeopathy, herbs, wellness and other natural therapies.

Animals can also become emotionally upset, due to stress, fear or behavioural problems. Bach remedies reduce these problems and restore the emotional balance of the animal. Learn more in Marianne’s second book.

In the eastern or oriental medicine, they explain that every living creature belongs to one of 5 elements. Fire, wood, water, earth and metal.

Each element corresponds with the behaviour, personality and physical characteristics. Learn to know to which element your beloved pet belongs.

Marianne Danhieux has been a holistic veterinarian for more than 40 years and she gives lectures, symposia and writes books and articles for many universities all over the world. Marianne lives in La Marina. Costa Blanca.

Now her 3 new books are translated in English and you can order them directly from Marianne, by whatsapp 636 561 919 or mail: