The Community president acknowledges that we are “in a critical situation” and that it is essential that there are no family or social gatherings in homes, which is where 7 out of 10 outbreaks occur

“We have experienced the worst week in the Valencian Community since the start of the pandemic.” With these words the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig , began his speech on Sunday to announce new restrictions in the Valencian Community regarding borders and meetings with non-cohabitants .

He stressed that it is necessary that in homes there are no family or social gatherings since in recent weeks we “they have cost us” a lot, being where 69% of all outbreaks were found between January 13 and 20, practically all of which occurred at gatherings of family or friends. “This is where we unwisely relax and forget about the mandatory use of the mask.”

For this reason, from this Monday, meetings in homes are limited to only those who live in the property while in public spaces only two people are able to meet from different households.

“Houses cannot become a substitute for restaurants and bars”, said Puig.

Regarding how compliance with the rule will be monitored, the president has recognised that the Valencian Community will not become a police state overnight: “It would be impossible and undesirable.” The president has said that these measures are a warning of the damage that is being done together with an appeal for co-responsibility.