Americans who live on unemployment benefits are increasing every day. More and more people are applying for money. These things have not happened before. The crisis that has arisen has made its indelible corrections in a future reality. The text shows how difficult the situation of the unemployed is. And this has been going on for 9 months.

“The numbers we see are [much higher than] anything we’ve seen before,” said Erica Groshen, Cornell University Labor Economist and Commissioner for the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. “We have not seen such an appearance at all.”

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Piercing complaints

The Labor Department broadcasts declared that about 5.9 million people applied for state unemployment insurance during the week. The thread does not stop. This is a rough estimate of the number of people who are already eligible for benefits.

The peak that was observed earlier in March 2009 during the Great Recession was about 6.5 million claims. Seasonal changes are not shown here.

This is less than the pandemic peak, which received 23 million statements in May. But this is still three times more than it was in February this year.

Those who receive money for their unemployment exceed the previous record of the Great Recession. It is not known when this figure will equalize.

Let’s give an example. There are 5 million workers. They have already used their unemployment insurance limit and are given additional weeks of benefits under certain programs.

In addition to this problem, about 9 million self-employed, workers and others are now taking benefits under the temporary unemployment assistance program during the pandemic.

But some things, like PUA, were created with the CARES Act. This is a law that was passed specifically for this in March. Until this month he was not there, so it was harder.

Initial requests

Applications for unemployment benefits increased the most compared to previous years. 828,000 requests for assistance were filed in November.

Initial applications are submitted by people for the first time. They are new, can be declared by employees who were fired for the second time during the crisis. The situation is better now, as it falls short of a record 6.2 million initial applications filed in early April.

Previously, this happened only a few times, when the initial applications exceeded the current status.

About 1 million applications were filed for the first time in 1982 and 1983; 969,000 in 1975; 957,000 in 2009; and 882,000 in 1992. This was either for economic reasons or in January after the holidays. It is common for people to quit during these periods. There are also 312,000 workers who applied through the PUA program.

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