The Consell has asked the Interterritorial Council to “reduce mobility between regions” and “guarantee the perimeter closure”

The president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has said that a meeting will be held on Thursday to “see exactly how the pandemic is developing in the Valencian Community and, from a “serene and calm position”, decide if it is necessary “to introduce new measures “.

He said that, together with the Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, he will attend a meeting of the Interterritorial Health Council, where the general overview of the coronavirus across the whole of Spain will be addressed, just before the celebration of Christmas.

According to Puig, this Council will be asked questions that it considers “fundamental”, such as respecting the perimeter and reducing movement between regions. “It is a question that we are going to continue raising until it is guaranteed by the governmental authorities,” he said.

Following the meeting the Generalitat will have it’s own discussion to “see exactly how the different indicators are working”, and “from that calm and prudent position, if necessary, they could introduce additional measures that would be taken next week”.

“If any further restrictions are necessary, they will be introduced, but the will at this time is to continue with those that have already been decided,” said Puig, who added that although last weekend there has been “a certain rebound” in the hospitalisations , “in the last few weeks there has been a clear stabilisation”.

According to the president, the measures that are being developed at this time are important, including the night time restriction, the border closure of the Community until January 15 and the limitation of numbers in hotels and leisure venues.

He said that “a key element in the common cause against the pandemic is co-responsibility. It is absolutely necessary and one that we have repeated on many occasions.”

“It is true that that some people have acted recklessly, but the vast majority are being very responsible.”

Asked about the healthcare pressure, he said that one must be aware that “immediate measures and responses regarding hospitalisation do not exist, there are no quick fix solutions. We have clearly seen that the pandemic has many factors, and some of them are still unknown. “.

“The fundamental thing is that if we are aware and if we act prudently, in accordance with the current measures, I believe that any spike in the virus that we could see in January will be much less severe”.