By Andrew Atkinson

The Border closure is to remain in place for Los Alcázares and Torre Pacheco for an additional week until December 21, due to COVID-19.

The extension comes amid the high infection rate of coronavirus announced by the Covid Monitoring Committee as being above 500 per 100,000 inhabitants, during the last 14 days (December 1-14).

Los Alcazares is currently 644.4 per 100,000 people; Torre Pacheco 543.8 people, per 100,000 of population, the epidemiological Ministry of Health report.

Los Alcazares have 100 active cases; with Torre Pacheco 195 current active cases (December 14).

Following the announcement many residents in the area were very angry.

“It is impossible for residents and businesses to carry on working in these conditions. How are we supposed to keep our businesses going, if our customers cannot travel here?”, said one.

“It’s very, very frustrating and what a wonderful Christmas, New year and Kings day present.

“Everyone that has been able to have a nice Christmas and been able to go out of their towns will probably get locked down again in 2021.

“Shopping centres full with crowds everywhere – and Torre Pacheco and Los Alcazares locked down. I’m pretty sure cases will go up, after the festive holiday period,” said another.