• Frank Mercurio from Madison, Wisconsin, USA, who visits El Campello annually, talks exclusively to Andrew Atkinson, amid COVID-19.

“I love the Costa Blanca, particularly I enjoy El Campello and I visit it almost every year,” Frank Mercurio told The Leader.

“Along with my wife we have been visiting the Alicante area annually since the late eighties, investing in a beach front condo in El Campello,” said Mechanical engineer Frank.

Born in Rock Hill, South Carolina, Frank said: “It all turned sour early this year, when the COVID-19 Pandemic threw us a curve.

“We had to cancel all our travel plans. And, even now, we have planned to enter the EU early next May.

“But even that date is only tentative – as we fear that might also be cancelled.”

Frank, denied travelling to Spain due to the coronavirus situation, said: “In our absence there we were forced to fund (wire) our Bankia account, for payment of taxes and utilities.”

Looking forward to returning to Spain in 2021, Frank added: “I have travelled to Guardamar and Torrevieja a couple of times.

“I have also ported on cruises in Valencia, Alicante and Cartagena. And even Barcelona to and from the US – our favourite way to get to the Costa Blanca area.”

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