Orihuela Socialist councillor María García has criticised the councillor for emergencies over his failure to deliver Gel dispensers that he promised last August, for delivery in September.

“It is shameful that we are still waiting for these devices more than two months after they were promised.”

She said that this is yet another prime example of the government blustering about, taking photo opportunities and making promises to the local community, that are then quickly forgotten.

“When are they going to stop their political Marketing and start to introduce policy that can really help Oriolanos. It is also as though the pandemic doesn’t matter to them”?

The Department of Emergencies announced the installation of the equipment, which are solar powered and which will dispense up to 20,000 doses of hydroalcoholic gel, in schools, institutes and those public areas with a large concentration of people, in order to reinforce the hygienic-sanitary security in the municipality. At a press conference in August Cllr Valverde said that they would be in situ by September.

He promised 9 of the dispensers, which is nowhere near enough, according to Garcia, at a cost of 7,000 euros plus VAT. Meanwhile councillor Valverde said “We are adapting day by day and it is difficult to plan.”