OWS Darts

Regrettably, due to the increased incidence of Covid 19 in our region, the OWS committee have determined to suspend Thursday darts for the remainder of 2020, in the interests of their 200+ members, bars and associates.

January 7th is the most likely resumption date, subject to conditions / regulations in place at that time. The 7th coincides with the fixtures halfway point, an appropriate date to resume. Notification of a restart will be made to all teams in due course. ln the meantime to all, stay well and follow safety guidelines.

The Three Musketeers in Torremolinos

Picture shows happy times in Torremolinos 1982. A 25 year old Eric Bristow, 33 year old Paul Durrant and the senior Musketeer, Bobby George at 36. The photo was taken outside what was then the twin Pontinental hotels, the venue for the annual Spanish / Torremolinos Open. Most of the top U.K. players attended, using it as a winter break ( it was held at the end of January ) a comfortable diversion from the frosty mornings of Blighty.

çMany of the players were joined by wives and families, l was one, Eric travelled with world no.1 Maureen Flowers and Jocky Wilson with wife and boys, the latter taking after their famous father, a handful to say the least. lt was a tremendous family occasion, darts most days and riotous evenings in the hotels nightclub.

The waiters were puzzled why we only ordered coke cola, tonic, orange juice etc throughout the evening, it soon became evident when we staggered onto the dance floor to the tune of Superman, after downing our smuggled cheap Spanish spirits.

On this occasion it was 10 years prior to the forming of the W.D.C. ( later to be the P.D.C. ) and darts was becoming an international sport thanks to Olly Croft and the B.D.O. there were still only a handful of full time professional players Eric and Bob being two of them. The spoils, even taking into account inflation, were nothing like todays huge paydays, eg the coming World Championship Dec. – Jan. will offer £ 500,000 to the winner, Eric’s first Embassy World title gained him £ 3000.

Never short of a word or two, Eric, expressed his gratitude to the organisers and sponsors at the presentation, but then questioned the reasoning why Embassy had only offered only a third of the £ 9000, the Embassy World snooker player received. Muted applause followed, but the gap was reduced thereafter. Typical, says it as it is Bristow, The outspoken Crafty Cockney was the main reason darts is where it is today. He’s sadly missed by me and many others.

l’ve known Bob since 1978, when l recognised his talents and my company sponsored him,to join Eric who had been with us sometime, setting him on the road to pro fame.lt was a formidable partnership. Formerly a granite floor layer ( and a good one ), throwing arrows was a lot easier and more lucrative.

Bob could turn his hand to anything AND do it well, in fact he’s one of the smartest guys l’ve come across. Examples are too numerous, but early on in our friendship, he decided a swimming pool was necessary for the family home in Barkingside, Essex.

To save cash and because he was able to, he dug the pool out with a shovel, distributing the surplass soil onto the field at the rear, by means of a wheelbarrow. lt didn’t end there, the non slip edging stones for the pool were in Bobs opinion too dear.

” lt takes a long time earning yer Beez n Honey ” ( money ) and ” l’m not giving it away “, it wasn’t the last time l was to hear that statement. He proceeded to weld a mould together and then cast his own edging stones. The pump installation and tiling were apiece of cake.

A similar project faced him several years later when he built George Hall an 18 bedroom mansion in Essex. All the sitting rooms, bedrooms, dining room, entrance hall etc required ceiling roses, some two per room. The cost ran into 1000’s. Bob bought two he liked, made a mould, and reproduced his own for around a couple of hundred quid.

lf he doesn’t know how to do it, he teaches himself, admitting the only thing he can’t do is drill his own teeth ( yes they’re his own ).

Last time l was at George Hall it still had eight bathrooms and three fishing lakes, the dining room containing a table for twenty persons, that was built by Superman, for the many corporate events held, where the usual cuisine is oriental.

The chef, you’ve guessed it Mr George. l count him as a dear friend.


Chemies Lounge bar sits adjacent to Villa Martin Plaza in C / Tomas Breton. The very comfortable lounge area was totally refurbished 5 years ago to a high standard. Run by Mark Sommerville, the decor emphasis is on music.

A drum kit, guitars and an abundance of pop memorabilia, representing the worlds most famous acts adorn the walls. So it’s no surprise The Beatles, Elvis, Rod Stewart, Eagles, not forgetting the Bay City Rollers are regularly featured in the form of Tribute acts.

Chemies Lounge bar sits adjacent to Villa Martin Plaza 
Chemies Lounge bar sits adjacent to Villa Martin Plaza

During the summer, the well appointed 80 seat terrace is usually busy, many sampling Chemies most popular cocktail a ” Porn Star Martini. ” When pressed on the ingredients Mark would only admit to Vodka, Passoa and Pineapple juice, the remainder a closely guarded Chemies secret.

A lifelong Glasgow Rangers fan, all their matches feature on the in house  2.5m x 1.5m screen, Mark makes good use of the ensconsed ” Always Rangers ” supporters by making regular charity collections, the most recent going to the Roval BritIsh Legion poppy appeal.

Chemies external

Looking ahead, in these difficult times, a Christmas Eve party is planned, headlined by the popular pianist Benny Conway, banging out all the seasons favourites. New Years eve follows a week later, with a celebration ( what else ) expected to see in the new year, possibly for the first time at 11-00pm, due to regulations. Whatever next, Good Friday on a Thursday?