The holidays are a perfect time to do the things you want. It’s a good time for people to relax, have fun, and do meaningful activities with your friends and family. While it’s the thought that counts when it comes to spending the holidays, some of us can’t help but feel the need to do something out of the ordinary once in a while.

Doing something novel or spending the holidays in a new way can help create more memorable moments and things to look forward to.

Read on as we’ll share here novel ways on how to spend the holidays.

Soak Up the Sun in Winter

Many of us may have missed our chance to hit the beach during this year’s summer due to the COVID-1 pandemic. The good thing is there are ways to catch up on your summer escapade, even on holidays. Spain is a hot destination to travel to when it comes to getting a new holiday experience and still enjoy the amazing beaches.

Make the most of your long winter break by availing of luxury rentals in Costa Del Sol, one of the premier destinations for those who want a winter sun break. Malaga, the capital city, has one of the best climates in the world and offers nearly year-round sunny weather and scenic beaches to enjoy even in winter. 

The region of Costa Del Sol aptly translates as “Coast of the Sun” due to its roughly 320 days of sunny weather, awesome beaches, and laid back Mediterranean atmosphere. There are many festivities, scenes, and food to explore here, so a short stay isn’t enough. It’s a perfect holiday getaway you can enjoy with your family, friends, significant other, or as a solo vacationer.

Join a Winter Marathon

Getting fit and active during the cold holiday months is a new and healthy way to spend. We tend to get sluggish and eat a lot during the holiday break, and we end up meeting the new year getting bloated. Thus, to kick off your New Year’s resolution to become healthy and fit early, why not spend your winter joining a marathon event near your place?

There are marathons held in Las Vegas, Seattle, and Honolulu, which are held during November and December. If you want to start your year healthy, there are marathons in Texas, Phoenix, and Miami during January.

Have a Culturally-Themed Christmas

There are hundreds of ways that Christmas is celebrated by different cultures around the world. It’s a good opportunity to connect with your foreign friends and ask them for useful insights on how to celebrate Christmas in their native setting. You can bring this idea up with your family or friends and have a blast getting into a new way of celebrating the holiday.

You can decorate your home based on the information you and your family or friends have gathered, and you can also make use of the inputs from your foreign friends. To take the novelty up a notch, follow their preparations for Christmas and New Year, imitate traditions surrounding these celebrations, and prepare their national dishes or popular Christmas dishes. Your family and friends will surely love the idea and may want to explore another culture in the next holiday season.

It’s never wrong to seek new or unconventional ways of spending the holidays

Novel ways of spending the holiday are important for adding excitement to your traditional or sometimes routine way of celebrating Christmas. It’s never wrong to seek new or unconventional ways of spending the holidays. What matters is that the spirit of benevolence and goodwill is present in the way we celebrate the holiday season.