To ensure the Group keeps in touch during these very hard times when no rehearsals for our next panto are possible, another great social event was enjoyed in September.   A round of mini golf was the event and the venue was the 18 hole, very well presented course at Greenlands Golf Club.

Dee, our very efficient Social Secretary allocated us into teams and tempted us with the promise of various prizes at the end of the game.   We duly teed off with our sterilized golf putters to wend our way through 18 lots of different obstacles, including a crocodile which you had to knock the ball into its mouth, if you were lucky, and it came out of its tail!!

Lots of ohs and ahs and laughter were heard around the course and the game was followed by a welcome drink, or two, and a very enjoyable lunch.

Prize giving time gave us all a surprise as one lovely lady member seemed to have achieved something that maybe no one else had before –   she won a prize for a Hole in One!…. a prize for being last in the individual scores….. and a prize for being in the winning team!

Our Group cannot wait to get back to being able to rehearse together and sincerely hope that they can come through this crisis and be able to, hopefully, in the not too distant future,  entertain lots of lovely audiences with our pantomimes and also raise money for lots of local charities.  In the meantime lots of social events will just have to be enjoyed……. Oh yes they will!!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish a very speedy and full recovery to one of our much respected members, John Fagg, get well soon John.

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