Although slot machines are the most desired games by the fans today, online roulette remains the queen of casino games. Its charm, its history, its multiple betting possibilities make it essential and irreplaceable.

Also, unlike many other games where only luck counts, a strategy can often make a roulette difference. And this of course also applies to play roulette online. But before we talk about how to win online roulette, we want to give you some general advice.

First of all, choose a good casino: a reliable and safe online gaming room, with an enticing welcome bonus, which allows you to try the games for free without risking a penny, and which has fast and accurate customer service. You can find all this and much more on all trusted online casinos in the Philippines, including different roulette versions, including live roulette, where a live streaming dealer will serve you.

How to increase the odds of winning at roulette

And here we are with the strategies and methods to win at roulette in online casinos. There are so many, but we have chosen for you the ones that we believe are the best ever: they will not guarantee you will always win, because this is impossible (beware of anyone who tells you otherwise!) But they will certainly help you.

Are you ready? Buckle up, because your odds of winning online roulette are about to skyrocket!

1 – The Martingale system

If there is a popular and evenly popular online roulette strategy, it is the Martingale system. We warn you, it takes a higher than average budget, but as a strategy, it remains among the most effective around.

Using the Martingale system, in fact, it is necessary to double the amount wagered after each losing spin. Warning: the Martingale system works only for that type of bet that has only two possible outcomes, such as red/black, odd / even and 1-18 / 19-36.

2 – The 5-8 Series

A great classic of online roulette. The series of 5-8 suggests you bet 6 chips, one on each of the following pairs of numbers (the so-called horses): 5-8 (hence the name), 10-11, 13-16, 23-24, 27-30 and 33-36.

Thanks to the series of 5-8, you will be able to cover the whole table quite evenly, being able to count on 12 numbers out of 37 (or 38 in the case of American roulette with double zero). This strategy has a probability of winning approaching 1 in 3 times.

3 – The Biloxi method

Like the Martingale system, the Biloxi method is also among the most used in roulette in online casinos, especially by the so-called high roller players, that is, those who have quite high economic resources.

This is because the method is very expensive: it is necessary to bet 6 pieces on the first and third columns, one on different horses (respectively 8-11, 17-20, 26-29) and finally one on the 0-00 horse. This method, for the latter reason, is adopted in American roulette.

4 – The orphanage system

Like the 5-8 series, the orphans system is also a great classic of Italian roulette. We are talking about a method that allows you to have a very good return, with an investment limited to only 5 pieces.

Also, in this case, the horses are the ones to master, because it is necessary to distribute the chips on pairs 6-9, 14-17, 17-20 and 31-34. If you don’t like the idea of ​​betting on 17 twice, you can also use one of the chips to bet directly on number 20.

5 – Avoid American Roulette

Okay, we talked about the Biloxi method, used to win at American online roulette. But our advice is to avoid playing it entirely because American roulette grants the house a higher percentage advantage than the French one!

You may not know, but the house edge in French roulette (with only one 0) is around 2.70%. Want to know what the house advantage is in American roulette (with 0 and double 0)? It rises to 5.26%, almost double!

6 – Play Online Roulette at trusted online casinos

On a trusted online casino, you will have excellent chances of winning at roulette, thanks to the great selection of titles that await you. In fact, you can choose from many different types of online roulette, as well as the hottest variants of live roulette.

All the online roulette games come with detailed instructions, rules and win rates. Don’t miss this opportunity and sign up on a good online gambling site to take advantage of the online roulette welcome bonus.

Roulette strategies: which method is better to choose?

Roulette, the queen of live and online casino games, is a tool that has fascinated generations of enthusiasts, but also scholars and mathematicians for over two centuries. Many have tried to develop a strategy to win at roulette, but none have ever succeeded.

Because actually speaking of strategy is not completely correct: rather, we should speak of the roulette method. Because all the player can do is try to lower the inevitable house edge as much as possible, which characterizes all casino games.

4 Tips For Online Casino Success

The different types of roulette

Leaving aside the most curious online roulette variants, such as those that use more than one ball at the same time or such oddities, we can basically divide roulette into two types: European roulette and American roulette.

The difference between the two may seem minimal, but it is very important: in European roulette, there are 37 numbers ranging from 0 to 36, while in the American one, there are 38 numbers because 00 is added to 0 (otherwise called double. zero).

European roulette is sometimes mistakenly confused with French roulette, which actually has a couple of different rules. In fact, there is the en prison and partage rule in French roulette, a sort of “insurance” to the player’s bet in case of 0.

The En Prison and the Partage

With the en prison rule, when 0 comes out, the player who made an outside bet (as non-number bets are called) can choose whether to leave his bet on the table, hoping to win it at the next throw of the ball or to recover 50% of the amount. With the partage, on the other hand, you immediately receive 50%, with no choice.

How the casino makes money at roulette

Having said that, how does the casino make money from roulette? With those as mentioned earlier and inevitable house advantage. In European roulette, the house advantage is 2.7%, but in American roulette, it rises to 5.26%: yes, just by adding the double zero!

In French roulette, similar as mentioned to the European one, the house advantage is further reduced to 1.35%, by virtue of the rules that further help the player.

How to increase your roulette chance

To increase the roulette’s advantage over the house, the best method is to simply choose the European roulette, or better still, the French one – even if it is present in very few live and online casinos.

Whether it is online roulette or live roulette, to minimize the impact of the so-called house edge, it is therefore not so important to observe the type of variant (multi-ball, multi-wheel, diamond, VIP and so on), but to avoid the American roulette if it is possible.