• Considering using eco-friendly exterior doors for your home replacements? Here are some things you should know.

Effects of Eco-Friendly Exterior Doors on Your Home

Did you know you can use your exterior doors to fulfill other purposes other than improving security and adding aesthetics? Well, technology has added some amazing functions to modern doors so your garage and home can feel more comfortable in addition to being safe and beautiful.

The main focus has been on energy-efficiency and eco-friendliness. To achieve these, the materials used in making modern North Tech Windows and doors are put into consideration. Eco-friendly exterior doors have excellent insulation, so homeowners can have fewer energy costs and enjoy having a homely environment.

1. Sustainable Garage Doors

You need a big garage door, so it can effectively serve its purpose. It means a large space for temperatures to get inside or outside in high amounts. That is, when it is cold outside, your garage will become cold fast or heat up when it is hot.

To control energy consumption, use eco-friendly exterior doors. They are made from different materials with insulating properties other than wood. Avoiding doors made from wood contributes to environmental sustainability since fewer trees are cut to make the doors when the demand is low.

Additionally, you do not have to compromise the curb appeal for your garage. The other materials can be curved and designed according to what you want for aesthetics.

Other than cooling and heating your garage, you also need power to control its door. It frequently happens, which means a lot of power consumption. You can substitute it with solar energy to reduce costs and support environmental sustainability.

2. Eco-Friendly Front Doors

Like the garage doors, entry doors have a larger opening than the rest of the house’s doors but smaller than that in the garage. Most homeowners add fancy designs to avoid a boring look on their front doors. Some of the designs include adding portions of glazed glass to ensure their energy-efficient doors do not lose their efficiency.

A drawback that can affect your door’s efficiency is its weather stripping. Eco-friendly doors overcome this drawback by having tight weather stripping.

Although you may feel the weight on the initial cost for installing eco-friendly doors, you enjoy a long-term benefit. Your bills reduce as the value of your home increase. That is, if you decide to put it on sale, you can confidently compete with higher bids than before installing eco-friendly doors.

Everything You Need To Know About Eco-Friendly Exterior Doors

3. Before You Begin

Once you understand why eco-friendly doors are ideal for your entry and garage doors, take their measurements. A professional is always handy to help in getting accurate measurements.

If what you want is a bit larger than the existing space, some adjustments need to be made. Stone and stucco openings can be challenging to adjust, but your contractor can give you the best advice and alternatives.

4. Know Your Materials

Some materials require expensive maintenance, wood being one of them. And, because we have seen it is not eco-friendly, we can opt for other materials that are relatively affordable and easy to maintain.

Fiberglass can give you a wood appearance if you are so much into wood. It does not demand a lot of maintenance and provides insulation. The material is also durable and eco-friendly.

Steel exterior doors are relatively cheap and provide value in terms of sustainability, security, insulation, and aesthetics. However, they are prone to denting when a lot of pressure is applied. The dents can make them look a bit ugly, but you can repair them using a DIY kit available in home improvement stores.

Another thing you should consider when choosing a material for your entry doors is the house’s orientation. Stained materials are affected by exposure to the sun, and you may want to choose a different design in such orientations.

5. Keep in Mind

Make sure you talk to your manufacturer about the positioning of your doorknob. Do you want it on the right or left?

Also, consider the type of locking system you want for your door. Is it susceptible to easy entry, and what happens if you lose your keys? You can choose smart locks instead of locks too.

Other than environmental sustainability, you can benefit a lot from eco-friendly exterior doors. They provide enough security and insulation to help you save costs while enjoying a comfortable environment at home.

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