If you are like many people out there, there’s a huge chance you love animals, or you even own one at home. From pets to domesticated and agricultural animals, these beastie creatures have a lot of benefits to humans.

Dogs, cats, and birds are known to be effective in providing companionship, emotional support, and healing. In this piece, we’ll take a brief look at the amazing healing power of different animals.

1. Dogs 

Dogs are among the most useful animals to humans. They may not make it in your list of delicacies, but dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason. For one, having a dog at home as a pet can help provide companionship, which is a great way to relieve stress and overcome loneliness.

In line with the post at certapet.com/emotional-support-dog-canada/, dogs are the most common emotional support animals. These are often assigned to people with disabilities or illnesses related to mental health. They help fight symptoms of poor mental health, including depression, anxiety, and panic attacks, keeping the individual’s mental health in check.

They make it easier for sufferers of emotional and mental health issues to cope with their day-to-day challenges. Depending on the issue, some people end up recovering over time. Some dog breeds considered best for emotional support include:

  • Labrador Retriever
  • Golden Retriever
  • Pug
  • Corgi
  • Chihuahua
  • Beagle
  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Pomeranian

2. Cats 

Just watching a cat video can be rib-cracking, like when a cat is trying to catch its tail running in circles for hours, or when trying to hunt its own shadow. A cat can be a great source of friendship and comfort when one is going through strains of life and anxieties.

The interaction between a cat and a human activates the release of soothing chemicals in your body, which, in turn, help reduce the worries and troublesome situations of life.

If you are having a dull moment and you don’t have a cat for a pet, you can also check out hilarious cat videos shared online, and they’ll surely give you a hearty laugh! They’re a great source of relief from stress, depression, and anxiety.

3. Bees

Buzz, buzz, buzz!! We all fear the excruciating sting of a bee, but did you know their venom has been used for thousands of years for healing? Well, there’s something called bee sting therapy or apitherapy. Here, the bee venom is injected into the human body through live bee stings or through a jab to treat headaches, joint pain, and skin rash.

The venom contains active compounds and enzymes that contain anti-inflammatory properties that help in relieving the pain as it advances healing.

4. Pet Fish

For starters, fish is one of the healthiest meats you can eat. It is packaged with essential nutrients for the body’s growth and development. But did you know that watching these beauties of aquatic life swimming in your home or public aquarium has massive physiological benefits?

As you glue to the aquarium watching these colorful tropical species, it usually gets you distracted from all forms of clogging stress, while pacifying, soothing, and relaxing the mind.

This can also help in lowering the heart rate and blood pressure as you gaze at the fish. The best part of keeping a fish pet is that they require less maintenance compared to other pets. They are also quiet; you would hardly notice them in the house.

5. Parrot

Parrots are loving and cuddlesome, making them a great source of companionship

A parrot is the best-feathered friend you can ever have in your home. Having a parrot in your home brings immense fun and laughter. It also enhances your life. Playing and talking to a parrot improves your wellbeing by lowering stress levels, uplifting morale. Also known as bird therapy, it can also help regulate your blood pressure and decrease the symptoms related to depression.

Parrots are loving and cuddlesome, making them a great source of companionship. They are social animals and chirpy creatures who love talking. They will always welcome you back home after a long day at work, which can be quite cheering! A parrot will not only warm your house with laughter, but it will be great for your mental health and that of your family.

6. Horse

Bonding with animals enriches our lives immensely. Horses are a great aid when it comes to giving therapy. They easily connect with human emotions and react correspondingly. Horses offer equine therapy, which helps in decreasing heart rate and blood pressure. This therapy is efficacious to children and teenagers who have gone through trauma, depression, and different fears.

Equine therapy offers such people an environment that helps them feel less intimidated and more accepted than traditional counseling by a professional.

And there you have it. Our speechless friends can benefit our lives in many ways. The above are just a few animals that have healing power, especially when it comes to mental health.