By Andrew Atkinson

That’s odd! – when Benijofar resident Martin Dean went to Benidorm he ended up with buying a plethora of odd shoes – with one shoe costing a paltry €1!

“We went to visit Benidorm and in this hot weather I love wearing flossy shoes as they are so colourful and I can wear odd shoes,” Martin told The Leader.

Martin, 50, born in Lower Kersal, Manchester, who runs Hamilton Bake House with partner Gillian, and also has a shop in Cabo Roig, is renowned on the Costa Blanca for wearing odd shoes.

That's Odd!: pair of odd shoes from Benidorm.
That’s Odd!: pair of odd shoes from Benidorm.

The shoe-shuffle for Martin began during his youth – when he used to nick odd shoes from shoe racks in Manchester, due to tight purse-strings in the family household.

Martin, called a ‘tramp’ by schoolteachers as a teenager, said: “I told the lady assistant in the Benidorm shoe shop I will have every colour she had.

“Due to the coronavirus situation in Benidorm and it being so quiet they are basically giving things away – six pairs of shoes for 15 euros – and two shirts for a fiver!

“The assistant said ‘sorry, I only have one orange shoe in this box, the other one is missing’, after opening one of the boxes.

“You should have seen her face when I asked could I buy just the one shoe – and got it for one euro!.”

Martin, who is keeping Hamilton’s Bake House in Benijofar open during the Spanish annual holidays, said: “We will be open Tuesday until Saturday 8am-3pm during August.”