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Sports Director at Zambu CFS Pinatar Nacho Garrido has been linked to futsall all his life – since he started playing at the age of five at school.

“I turned professional aged 19, playing in the first division, the former division of Honor, for six seasons in both El Pozo and Cartagena; and eight years in the second division at Cartagena, Alcantarilla, and Jumilla, along with many other teams in other categories,” Nacho, 49, told The Leader.

Nacho, who ended his career at El Puntal, in Second B, turning to coaching after 38 years as a player, said: “I have been training for approximately 17 years and there were periods I combined my work as a coach, while staying active as a player.

“I have trained in the second and first division for women, the second division in men’s football in Spain, and the first division in France, along with several years of coaching for the FFRM, with two Spanish Championships.”

At CFS Pinatar Zambu, Nacho has had the chance to combine a role as coach, along with being the sports co-ordinator, with teams in all categories, one senior in Preferential, and the women’s section.

Nacho Garrido and President Javier Fdez

“Since 2016 it has been a fantastic, exciting and ambitious project, taking one step at a time.

“In 2016 we formed the women’s section, which was the first female team at the club, and has had a prominent place since,” said Nacho.

Upon his arrival at the club Nacho was building a team with character, identity and competitiveness, something that requires a high degree of work and commitment.

“I was attracted to the club, underlined by the forward project plan and the team at that time. Also the President, the management and technical members, one big family.

“It was made clear that my objective was to stay and lay the foundations, with the focus to consolidate the team.

“The second B group that makes up the category, was a complicated group – coconuts – in general the teams in the Madrid area were all of a very high level.

Nacho Garrido with Zambu CFS Pinatar team.

“I began working and looking at many aspects to adjust, adding additions. It was not easy, but we prepared to impose the group’s confidence,” said Nacho.

“The message was very clear, and I made it aware that the fans are also very important, with visiting teams in San Pedro.

“Knowing the fans are an additional player – they put on our shirt – and together we became stronger,” said Nacho.

“We have enjoyed four seasons in which the Murcia coach has managed to get an extraordinary performance from the team, achieving the most important milestones in the history of the club, salvation, Copa del Rey and Play Off for promotion to 2nd.

“Garrido will continue in the club, carrying out the role of Sports Director, a very important challenge since this season we will have 20 teams in competition.

“Thank you very much Nacho, for your dedication, passion, sacrifice and confidence in our project. We are proud that you are still in our house,” said a spokesperson from Zambú CFS Pinatar.

“Reflecting over the past four years as coach I now look forward to taking the opportunity as Sports Director at Zambu CFS Pinatar,” said Nacho, who studied at the University of Murcia.