Loss of the traditional summer break

Loss of the traditional summer break
Loss of the traditional summer break

In this new World order I am not certain whether to be angry, just laugh at it or bang my head against the nearest wall. As we moan for different reasons the loss of the traditional summer break it appears in this period of greed and selfishness some have taken advantage of the chaos and are looking after themselves.  Like a sinking ship everyone grabbing for a lifeboat.

We have guests who have been visiting us for the past six years, same two weeks at the start of August. They book well in advance, fifteen months before they travel and reserve flights as soon as the airlines have published their schedules.

No difference for this year, flights booked and paid for and a busy family looking forward to their holiday and the break away from the day to day stresses.

Three weeks to go and out of the blue, EasyJet cancel the flight, and the following one. No reason just cancelled.

Without going into the whys and wherefores, if you have an agreement with a third party to supply you with services then it should happen.

But when is an agreement not an agreement?

It strikes me when the small print drawn up by some clever legal mind is tucked away out of immediate sight and allows the supplier to cancel for some obscure reason or reasons. Then what has been agreed has no value and cannot be called an agreement.

Hence our friend, who thought they had an agreement to go on holiday, sit at home wondering when and if they will get their money back from a firm that has had the use of it for close on a year.

There are a lot of words being expanded about the cancellation of the ‘airbridge’ to Spain by the British Government. When it was announced it was clearly stated that the situation would be monitored regularly and if things changed health wise, then it would be withdrawn. No small print there.

The favourite reason put out by the pundits is to stop people spending their money outside of the U.K., so as to bolster the finances of the Boris administration. That doesn’t really make a lot of sense with the ‘staycasions’ fully booked to overflowing and councils trying to keep people away from the popular hotspots, anyway there is also a loss of revenue because the planes are not flying

Of course, there is a safety reason because of the ballooning of Covid 19, not only in Spain but elsewhere although the Spanish health care has a tighter grip on it than most countries.

The British Government has said the reason for the cancellation of the ‘airbridge’ is that the virus is taken hold in a second and more serious wave. That seems right to me.

Then again I have heard it said that Boris’s team does not want the embarrassment, when several of the local authorities ban visitors from the United Kingdom. Because parts of Spain, have had enough of the rowdiness of some of the British tourists, who roam the streets, day and night fuelled by booze causing disruption and in some particular cases, damage. I think it is time to bang my head.

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